CICERO Shades of Green: Best Green Bond Evaluation Expert Global 2020


CICERO Shades of Green allows investors to see the wood and the trees, with a triple-colour ranking system for green and sustainable bonds. The rankings are based on climate-change effectiveness and contribution to a low-carbon future. Shades of Green was launched in 2018 as a subsidiary of Norway’s CICERO Centre for International Climate Research, one of the world’s foremost institutes for interdisciplinary study. It seeks to accelerate the transition towards greener investment and improved transparency across global bond markets. The guidelines for green bonds outline expected behaviour, but CICERO Shades of Green takes it to the next level by connecting climate change science with financial markets. By accurately determining the veracity of green solutions, the company differentiates itself from the competition, using an assessment methodology that cuts to the chase on carbon emissions and adaptation to climate change. Each assessment is based on every scrap of available knowledge at the time of issuance. A comprehensive, month-long process begins with a desk-review of documentation, including issuer-submitted sustainability reports. CICERO Shades of Green factors governance and transparency considerations into the investment framework to gauge an issuer’s capacity to implement green solutions. It finds inspiration in the momentum of the green finance wave — and encourages more investors and issuers to try the waters. The judging panel declares CICERO Shades of Green winner of the 2020 global award for Best Green Bond Evaluation Expert.

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