CANPACK Group: Best Sustainable Packaging Solutions CEE 2020


The CANPACK story began in Poland over 30 years ago with the launch of its first line of aluminium products. Now it’s a global packaging leader and believed to be the number three aluminium beverage packaging player in Europe. The company holds sustainability as a core tenet of its operations. Aluminium — the mainstay of its product line — is a raw material with a long life and inexpensive supply. It’s one of most widely reused materials in the world; recycled aluminium needs 95 percent less energy to process than the metal’s production from bauxite ore, which is mined from rock. CANPACK believes aluminium to be an ideal resource for the circular economy, and has built its products around it. The company specialises in metal packaging for beverages and food, chemicals and cosmetics, aerosols and closures. CANPACK also offers glass products and other packaging-related solutions. The group has established itself as a leader in Central and Eastern Europe, with a growing presence in Western Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and, most recently, the announced entry into the US (the world’s largest market for aluminium beverage cans). A three-pillar framework details the company’s commitment to care for employees and communities, sustain the environment, and recycle responsibly. In times of crisis, CANPACK is a company that lends a helping hand to those in need. It has mobilised its volunteer programme to contribute to the battle against Covid-19 by providing 3D-printed face shields to medical and long-term care facilities. It has procured, produced, donated and delivered crucial personal protection and medical equipment to communities worldwide, as well as contributed funding and organised donation campaigns to support the fight. The judging panel presents CANPACK Group with the 2020 award for Best Sustainable Packaging Solutions (CEE).

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