Berkeley Energia Plc: Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Mining Europe 2020

Berkeley Energia

Berkeley Energia Plc is a mining company with a world-class uranium project that will help deliver low carbon energy. The company says the Salamanca Project near Madrid will guarantee Spain and the European Union an internal supply of four million pounds of uranium a year. That equates to 10 percent of Europe’s total consumption, or more than 30 percent of the energy generated in Spain. The firm started developing its projects in Spain in 2012 with sustainability as a main pillar. The company has achieved ISO 14,001 and a certificate from a Spanish government body for sustainable mining systems — UNE 22470-80 — making it the first in the country. The focus is on the environment and CSR, and all activities are carried out according to best practice to maintain sustainability. Berkeley Energia is developing a project to re-use sewage water and waste from local villages for the industrial process and to create topsoil for rehabilitation purposes. It also works hand-in-hand with local communities to create jobs. A training centre has been set up to teach new skills. The company works with schools, pharmacies and retirement homes and observes strict guidelines and policies on health & safety, environment & sustainability, ethics, use of water, social & community, etc. It has acquired 600 hectares of local land — but allows local farmers to continue using it. The company strives to comply with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals — and is in-line with 14 of the 17. The CFI judges believe that nuclear industry run to the highest standards has a part to play in delivering zero carbon targets declare Berkeley Energia Plc winner of the 2020 award for Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Mining (Europe).