Belfius: Best Digital Bank Belgium 2020


Belfius has evolved from a traditional bank to a fully-fledged bank-insurer that is a leading digital provider. Net profits have climbed for each of the past eight years and this is one of the best capitalised organisations of its kind in Europe.  Always looking to the long-term, our winner focuses on customer and employee satisfaction. Approval ratings approached 96 percent last year and over 221,000 new customers came aboard. HR polices at Belfius ensure exciting opportunities for its home-grown talent. The branches were not dragged into the digital age but have been well educated on the benefits and are now the major promoters of the bank’s apps. Belfius is a leader in Belgian mobile banking and its commitment to constantly improve is profound. It anticipates rather than simply responds to mobile evolution. Significantly, a recent D-Rating summary reported that Belfius app satisfaction exceeds that of all other banks in the country (be they brick and mortar or neo). At the close of 2019, Belfius apps for tablets and smartphones had 1.4 million active users and were in action an average of 37 times per month per customer. Despite its outstanding progress, there is no resting on laurels at Belfius. Chief Digital Officer Geert Van Mol insists that the bank must maintain its best in class digital-human customer experience and be recognised as the best digital banking services provider in Belgium – even when measured against the digital-only competition. The judging panel confirms Belfius as the 2020 winner of the award Best Digital Bank (Belgium).