AXA IM: Best ESG Global Asset Manager France 2020


AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) has established investment centres in 20 locations worldwide, including four of the world’s most active and influential financial hubs — Paris, London, Frankfurt and Hong Kong. The company employs more than 750 investment professionals and is responsible for €804bn in assets under management. It seeks to create a better tomorrow by investing today — with critical consideration of ESG factors. AXA IM has identified six issues expected to affect long-term investors: climate change, biodiversity, human capital and diversity management, public health, data privacy and corporate governance. AXA IM actively monitors ESG risks and was among the first asset managers to put in place a blanket exclusion for companies which derive more than 30% of revenues from coal. ESG scores are integral to the investment decision-making process, and a useful tool for identifying potential risks. AXA IM has crafted its own scoring system to compare assets and drive data-backed decision making. There is a dedicated team tasked with monitoring and mentoring portfolio investees on their progress, and proactively engages to encourage change on issues such as climate change and correct course before investor-impacting problems arise. It has worked with 200 companies to address ESG concerns and strengthen contributions towards the UN’s sustainable development goals. Their most recent innovation has been to lead the creation of a new asset class, the Transition Bonds, helping carbon intensive businesses join the drive to a low-carbon world. Responsible investing is the cornerstone of AXA IM’s purpose, and the firm is committed to growing and preserving clients’ wealth while positively affecting people and planet. Its current offering includes 99 ESG-integrated open funds, 19 sustainable open funds and four impact investment open funds. The judging panel recognises AXA IM as a leader of responsible investing and presents it with the 2020 award for Best ESG Global Asset Manager (France).

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