Avelacom: Best Connectivity & IT Infrastructure Provider Global 2020


Avelacom has developed a comprehensive suite of data services and cloud solutions to ensure financial institutions stay current and competitive with fast and reliable access to market trading and pricing data. Traders using high volatility strategies — where a few milliseconds’ delay could spell disaster — are sensitive to issues such as packet losses, jitter and latencies. Avelacom’s proprietary network of fibre and microwave tower relay technologies allows the transfer of limitless data at high speeds and high volume across global markets. With offices in North Carolina, London, Singapore and Moscow, the company operates across more than 80 data centres worldwide. A focus on network ownership and connectivity updates has enabled Avelacom to establish some of the lowest latency routes in Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Avelacom set the speed record with its London-Tokyo route, and recently announced a partnership with Brazilian exchange B3. Despite the diverse scope of client demands, Avelacom is a one-stop-shop for telecom solutions. It offers direct connectivity to all major cloud service providers, and deploys ready-to-go, rentable infrastructure to help clients expand into new markets with minimal upfront investment. It presents analysed data to clients in an understandable format, and is constantly looking for ways to make products more user-friendly. The CFI.co judging panel congratulates Avelacom, the 2020 winner of the global award for Best Connectivity & IT Infrastructure Provider.

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