AiYO: Best Financial Institutions Transformation Partner France 2020


In a fast-paced world where the dynamics of change often boggle the mind, businesses able to adapt quickly gain a leading edge. Experts in navigating the complexities and intricacies of strategic and technological transformational processes, Paris-based AiYO (Associates in Your Operations) helps the financial services sector match their corporate vision and mission to present reality and future expectations.

AiYO partners with its clients to plan and execute holistic processes that ensure business sustainability. The consultancy grew out of the realisation that some of today’s iconic financial services providers suffer from a certain inertia and organisational rigidity that precludes them from seizing the opportunities awarded by advances in technology and new strategic insights.

Instead of preaching revolution, AiYO professionals seek to implement meaningful change with a minimum of disruption. They do so via an approach that values the human element. Rather than focussing on cosmetics, AiYO will re-engineer the corporate DNA to ensure improved adaptability to future challenges.

The judging panel recognises that rapid progress poses a number of challenges to an industry often – and understandably – reluctant or fearful of embracing new-fangled technologies. Likewise, it may take time to incorporate updated strategic insights into day-to-day operations. This adds significantly to operational risk – and invites competition from disruptors.

AiYO takes the sting out of change and offers a full suite of experience-based solutions that allow the financial services industry to face the future with confidence – and flexibility. The judges are please to declare AiYO winner of the 2020 Best Financial Institutions Transformation Partner Award.

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