Wey Education: Best Online Educator Global 2019

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Wey Education develops online learning platforms that cover the full gamut of teaching and learning. The UK company established the first online school in the country, providing an attractive — and accredited — alternative to the classroom. InterHigh is one of the company’s flagship products, an online fee-paying primary school, secondary school, and sixth form college providing an accredited UK curriculum for students near and far. About 30 percent of InterHigh pupils are taking courses from outside the UK. Wey Education supports students with special learning needs through Academy21, working with 1,000 students each year to fulfil personalised Education, Health, and Care Plan (EHCP) mandates through alternative educational provision. Although Wey Education has achieved great success as a for-profit enterprise, it holds education to be an essential public service and creates learning platforms that are accessible, engaging, and effective. Wey Education established an independent academic advisory board to cut through the noise of commercial concerns and make recommendations based exclusively on the pursuit of educational excellence. It challenges the outdated educational system of brick-and-mortar buildings and mandatory physical attendance with the flexibility and autonomy of online learning. Wey Education has recently collaborated with the Department of Education to develop an online teacher certification programme, immersing the next generation of educators in both the technology and methodology of online learning. For a class act that prioritises children’s learning experience — while also outperforming market expectations — the CFI.co judging panel declares Wey Education as the 2019 winner of the Best Online Educator (Global) award.

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