Reitan Convenience AS: Best ESG Convenience Retailer Nordics & Baltics 2019

CEO: Johannes Sangnes

“People rarely succeed when they do something they don’t enjoy,” said Odd Reitan, who founded the family business in 1948. His advice – “Do what you love, and with zealous discipline” – is reflected throughout today’ s group structure. The Reitan empire comprises five business areas and employs more than 38,000 in the Nordic and the Baltic region. Reitan team members ascribe to a positive and proactive mindset and demonstrate personal responsibility towards environmental, social, and governance (ESG) progress.

Reitan Convenience has a network of 2,200 stores in seven countries, providing customers with the products and services they want, when and where they want them. The Reitan group turns an innovative eye towards sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR), and Reitan Convenience has major milestones to report in terms of people, product, and planet. The most important person is the company is the customer and staff a close second. The value system that binds and guides has contributed to the company’s status as a top employer, ranked second in Norway and tenth in Europe (Great place to work). Reitan Convenience also offers relief to refugees with work opportunities and language courses. Reitan Convenience is moving away from plastics to product packaging that is bio-degradable and recyclable. Vegan and vegetarian products give the line-up a healthy update. Planet-prioritising upgrades throughout Reitan Convenience facilities have reduced energy consumption. The judging panel has no hesitation in presenting Reitan Convenience AS with the 2019 Best ESG Convenience Retailer (Nordics & Baltics) award.

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