fair-finance: Most Socially Responsible Pension Fund Central Europe 2019


Ethical finance principles are a welcome trend in financial markets, but for one company this has been both moniker and ethos since its inception: the Austrian holdings and securities company, fair-finance. Founded in 2008, fair-finance balances investment decisions based on sustainability, the economic dimension of security, earning capacity and investment liquidity, as well as the ecological and social. CFI.co is no stranger to fair-finance and its responsible stewardship of client assets, having recognised this winner in earlier years. The past year has delivered exciting developments including the best annual performance results within its group of peers. The company released a Fairness Report (an integrated sustainability and performance statement) for 2018, that combines financial and non-financial key indicators in a highly transparent manner and in full compliance with the Global Reporting Standard (GRI). Impact investing remains a clear focus for fair-finance, with a diversified portfolio ranging from microfinance and reforestation to energy storage technology, sustainable real estate, and social business. In support of the latter, fair-finance has partnered with Senat der Wirtschaft to establish the country’s first Social Entrepreneurship Fund. fair-finance manages the fund and provides start-up financing for business cases with visible and measurable social impact. These economically successful social enterprises offer innovative solutions for social challenges, and seamlessly align with the company’s vision for a society that is socially just and an environment that is protected and preserved. The CFI.co judging panel once again concurs: fair-finance is the worthy winner of the award Most Socially Responsible Pension Fund (Central Europe, 2019).

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