Eurofragance: Best International Value Creation Growth Spain 2018

CEO: Laurent Mercier

Eurofragance wafted into the world as a small industrial facility in 1990 when the 25-year-old founder, Santiago Sabatés, set up shop as a fragrance designer and producer. The company now has a market presence in more than 60 countries and five continents. Eurofragance has expanded from its original Barcelona base to include strategically placed, automated production facilities in Singapore, Mexico, and the US. The company has expanded, consistently hitting over 10% growth per year, and the innovation and drive of its R&D department is just one factor spurring that expansion. Eurofragance has five Creative Centres, where the company works to create new scents to indulge the senses. The strategic location of the Creative Centres and production plants has afforded the company insights into promising new markets. Eurofragance has solidified its market presence in the Middle East with facilities in Dubai and Turkey. In Singapore, Eurofragance pioneered production practices that deliver Halal-compliant fragrances and promise to open the Asian market for further expansion. The company is investing in acquisitions and automation to ensure its continued growth trajectory. The judging panel believes the company’s management style — which secured its €75m budget objective in 2018 — makes it particularly attractive to investors wishing to accompany Eurofragance in its inorganic growth path, especially with regard to its North and South American targets. Congratulations to Eurofragance, winner of the 2018 award for Best International Value Creation Growth award (Spain).

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