Electrolux: Best Sustainable Sourcing Team Global 2019


If good corporate citizenship were a sport, Electrolux would be its star athlete. For over a century, the company has influenced every aspect of our daily lives — from the morning coffee to the cleaning routine and evening meal — while improving the world around us. Each year, Electrolux sells upwards of 60 million household and professional products in over 150 markets. It has offices in more than 60 countries and has over 55,000 employees worldwide, with over a quarter female representation at managerial level. The group holds itself to exacting standards of sustainability and demands the same throughout its vast network of suppliers.  Electrolux has earned a reputation for integrity of sustainability, and consumers can trust that each product is crafted “with care for the environment and for the people that produced it”. The company disseminates knowledge and best practices throughout its global network, working to fulfil mandatory minimal requirements of sustainability. It welcomes suppliers and colleagues into the Electrolux family for the long term and prioritises their development as paramount to the company’s continued success. Suppliers are regularly audited by an inhouse team of experts trained in responsible sourcing with the goal to drive continuous improvement throughout the supply chain. Electrolux is on a mission to enrich our eating experiences, improve the care of our clothes, and foster healthy wellbeing in our homes — with solutions made with care for people and planet. The CFI.co judging panel applauds the group’s exemplary ESG leadership and names Electrolux as worthy winner of the 2019 award for Best Sustainable Sourcing Team (Global).

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