Arca Fondi SGR: Best Emerging Markets Debt Manager Europe 2018


For more than 35 years, Arca Fondi SGR is one of Italy’s leading independent asset management companies. With steely resolve and strategic manoeuvring, it has navigated a choppy year of challenging markets – and the Milan-based company forecasts more favourable conditions ahead. Arca Fondi leads the way in safety and security, and is more than capable of holding a steady path towards its targets. Despite the underperforming bond indices and volatile stock markets of the past year, Arca Fondi’s smart diversification strategies have delivered smooth progress for the firm. It boasts a far-reaching distribution network of more than 100 regulated financial service-providers, and has more than 8,000 branches. It also has dedicated financial advisors and online channels to provide customers with support and service. For more than 30 years, the company has driven its growth and expansion with the guiding principles of trust, integrity, and respect. Its responsible stewardship has earned the long-term loyalty of its customers and clients. With over €31bn in asset management and 650,000 subscribers, Arca Fondi SGR offers financial planning, portfolio management, and investment services to private customers and institutional clients in Italy and abroad. The judging panel has followed the firm’s trajectory for some time – this is the fourth consecutive year in which it has won a award – and is pleased to see it has weathered the past stormy year with aplomb. The judges point to the firm’s tradition of pioneering product development and exceptional customer care as deserving of recognition, and name Arca Fondi SGR winner of the 2018 award for Best Emerging Markets Debt Manager (Europe).

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