Montpensier Finance: Best Multi-Asset Fund Manager France 2018

Set up in 2004 and today one of France’s leading independent investment managing companies, Montpensier Finance has gained recognition — and acclaim — for bringing together a peerless group of seasoned asset management professionals. The firm has established an enviable track record by deploying analytical and decision-making processes developed and perfected in-house. ESG problematics (Environmental, Social and Governance) are well incorporated in the process to determine stock selection. 

Montpensier Finance is headed by a pioneering investment manager who introduced the multi-management concept to France in 1988 — long before the modality became `de rigueur’. Multi-manager investment products benefit from the diversification of funds spread across different asset classes and markets — each segment entrusted to specialized fund managers — trying to maximize returns. The firm also developed the Montpensier Market Scan (MMS) which enables multi-asset and flexible management teams to rely on the four major drivers of asset allocation: macroeconomic momentum, monetary policy dynamics, market valuation, and market dynamics.

Montpensier Finance has been particularly successful in its mission to outperform the overall market over longer periods. The firm tops €2bn in assets under management and maintains a number of funds tapping into Eurozone, Europe-wide, and global markets and split according to different models adjusted for optimum return in varying categories of risk tolerance.

The judging panel notes that Montpensier Finance is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI). The judges are unanimous in their decision to grant Montpensier Finance the 2018 Best Multi-Asset Fund Manager France Award.

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