Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management: Best Renewable Energy Asset Manager Germany 2018

The management of renewable energy resources equates to the unrelenting pursuit of efficiency. That, in turn, requires the use of new technologies such as the integration and streamlining of processes via the Internet-of-Things (IoT), big data analytics, and other innovative ways to maximise performance whilst minimising operating cost.

Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management of Germany manages 28 wind parks and 23 solar power facilities with a combined generating capacity of 470MW. Besides its home market, the company’s footprint extends to Spain, France, and Poland as well. Kaiserwetter has developed a proprietary algorithm for predictive analytics as part of a big data processing push to bring down both capital and operating expenditures. The resulting data allows customers to implement effective risk mitigation policies and reduce downtime.

By combining technical and financial data into a single stream, Kaiserwetter gives its customers access to a cloud-based dashboard that produces an instant overview of their facilities’ performance – from a single turbine to a country-wide series of wind and/or solar parks. Crucially, an integrated data variance model is included to account for meteorological trends and events. This enables operators to immediately finetune their generating plants to ensure optimal performance under any and all conditions.

Last year, the CFI.co judging panel marvelled at the innovations pioneered by Kaiserwetter. As renewables claim an ever larger share of the energy mix, their management becomes more important as well – to operators and investors alike. Kaiserwetter provides both the tools and the solutions that allow wind and solar parks to attain and retain maximum efficiency. The judges are pleased to offer Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management the 2018 Best Renewable Energy Asset Manager Germany Award.

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