Heathrow Airport Holdings: Best Aviation Hub Governance Global 2017

A people business first and foremost, Heathrow Airport Holdings keeps more than 75 million travellers on the move annually through Europe’s largest aviation hub. The airport, a favourite of the public since before the dawn of the jet age, has managed to maintain its leading position by focusing on the continuous improvement of passenger experience.

Over the past few years, Heathrow Airport Holdings has invested well over $13bn in the facility. Amongst others, restaurant and shopping concourses were expanded and luggage handling systems upgraded. The airport’s new Terminal 2, opened in 2014 and replacing the original one of 1955, welcomed Star Alliance operators and other carriers, and the airport is now set for further expansion to accommodate the expected increase in the number of travellers as the facility prepares for a third runway.

The airport’s connectivity is also set to improve significantly when the Elizabeth Line – the central portion of the Crossrail Project – becomes operational late next year, directly linking Heathrow and Canary Wharf for the first time with journeys of less than 40 minutes.

As a people-focussed company, Heathrow understands that in order to keep its mega-hub position in Europe, attention to detail is crucial. The airport is determined to be the best in a highly competitive business. The company invests considerable resources in its around 6,500-strong staff, offering numerous skills development opportunities and clear career paths.

The CFI.co judging panel is pleased to declare Heathrow Airport Holdings winner of the 2017 Best Aviation Hub Governance Global Award.

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