Groupe Afflelou: Best Optical Retail Chain Europe 2018

Didier Pascual, Afflelou Group CEO in Paris HQ

Pardon the puns, but these eyesight experts with insightful innovation and a clear focus on marketing set the standard for fashion-forward eyewear. For Groupe Afflelou, the quality of its products is a point of pride, providing customers with a standard three-year warranty instead of the two years required under European law. Afflelou thrives on innovation, introducing the first “buy one, get one free” offer 20 years ago. The company has worked tirelessly and consistently to make prescription eyewear accessible as well as stylish. They also introduced innovation in optics such as a subscription service: customers pay a monthly fee and can update their lenses as their vision changes. With retail locations in 18 countries – including several in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America – and a strong global digital retail network, the company has increased its market share despite a dip in the overall market. For its expansive global reach and its long-standing commitment to meeting, and exceeding, customer needs, the judging panel names Groupe Afflelou as the Best Optical Retail Chain Europe 2018.

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