Eesti Energia: Best Energy-Saving App Baltics 2017

It would seem that the entire world is being “appified” – any human endeavour, curiosity, and chore may be distilled into an app. This is not an unwelcome development: apps add convenience to life and help users save both time and money. Already some years ago, electricity companies and other utilities discovered the power of the app universe. However, none have produced an app as comprehensive as the one produced by Eesti Energia – the main energy company of Estonia which, incidentally, boasts the world’s most advanced e-government.

No surprise then that an Estonian company should put out the power app against which all others are measured. Running on both Android and iOS smart devices, Eesti Energia’s app presents customers with a number of ways to save on their energy bill, switch power plans, contact customer service, and check their consumption by the hour, day, or month, amongst others. All Eesti Energia customers have been provided with smart meters that allow for remote reading. With the app upgrade shortly being introduced B2B customers can also monitor their consumption.

The app detects unusual electricity usage patterns which can be caused by faulty wiring or defective appliances and immediately alerts the customer. The app also continuously monitors the energy market and notifies users of tomorrow’s expected electricity prices and the best hours to plug in heavy duty domestic appliances.

Eesti Energia is the country’s main power generator and distributor. The company is also the world’s largest shale oil producer. With operations in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Jordan, and the United States.

The judging panel commends Eesti Energia for pushing the IT envelope and offering customers unparalleled ease of access to its services. The judges are pleased to offer Eesti Energia the 2017 Best Energy-Saving App Baltics Award.

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