eDreams ODIGEO: Best Online Travel Partner Global 2018

Deploying and showcasing the power of machine-based learning (MBL) technology, eDreams ODIGEO has managed to increase flight bookings by almost 50% last year, offering travellers a highly personalised experience based on a real-time predictive analysis of aggregated and anonymised data which presents a vast range of options and add-ons. Thus visitors to eDreams ODIGEO’s websites and apps are welcomed to an online environment which is perfectly tailored to their personal preferences.

The online travel company, a recognised pioneer of its industry, employs a crack team of some 400 software engineers to design and finetune the eDreams ODIGEO platform and ensure it preserves a leading edge. The gargantuan effort pays off: last year the company saw all its main brands register solid growth with a 10% increase in the sale of ancillary products such as travel insurance, priority boarding, and preferred seating arrangements.

eDreams ODIGEO’s management developed its own approach to IT by seconding software engineers to all of the organisation’s departments in order to gauge needs, identify bottlenecks, and offer solutions. Thus, the entire corporate structure of eDreams ODIGEO benefits from MBL and other innovative technologies that not only offer customers a personalised experience but also streamline internal processes.

The CFI.co judging panel has followed eDreams ODIGEO for a number of years. The company has consistently sought to leverage the power of technology to improve its operational efficiency and offer a superior product to travellers – one based on a holistic approach that includes attention to even the most minute details and leaves nothing to chance. The judges are unanimous in their decision to declare eDreams ODIGEO winner of the 2018 Best online Travel Partner Global Award.