CheBanca!: Most Innovative Digital Smart Bank Italy

Marketing & Communications Director: Antonio Fratta Pasini

Italy’s CheBanca! leverages the power of technology to simplify its front office procedures and thus vastly improve the customer experience. Deploying data analytics, artificial intelligence, and robot advisory techniques, CheBanca! has managed to streamline both internal and external processes, saving on operational costs, slashing processing times, and improving the overall quality of its services.

Recognised in Italy and abroad for its innovative, if not revolutionary, approach to retail banking, CheBanca! – the human digital bank – has succeeded in preserving a personal touch. Though its back office operations are driven by marvels of technology, the bank’s customer-facing business is all about providing account holders with products and services tailored to meet their needs. In fact, thanks to its use of advanced analytics, CheBanca! is often able to anticipate customer needs and offer timely solutions.

CheBanca! has, in a way, reinvented the wheel and as such represents an interesting business case. The bank was designed from the ground up as a technology-driven financial services provider. CheBanca!’s operational structure is such that new IT developments can be easily incorporated in order for the bank to maintain its leading edge. CheBanca! was set up in 2008 and is part of Mediobanca, one of Italy’s largest financial groups.

The judging panel notes that CheBanca! has ditched convention to embrace invention. It not merely pushed the envelope but did away with the container altogether and rewrote an entire business. Even more importantly, the bank has consistently registered solid growth and captured a significant share of the market. The judges are delighted to offer CheBanca! the 2018 Most Innovative Digital Smart Bank Italy Award.

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