Auka: Best Mobile Payment Platform Europe 2018

Nobody doubts that the future of retail banking is in mobile accessibility. Most clients no longer wish to manage their personal finances at local branch offices. Even booting up the desktop computer is often too much of an effort. Traditionalists by nature, retail banks find it hard to keep up with shifting consumer patterns. Mobile banking solutions are layered atop legacy platforms, adapted, and presented as true innovations. Alas, they are not and often feel clunky.

Norwegian mobile payment solutions provider Auka built its system from scratch and in such a way that future developments and breakthroughs may be easily bolted on. Auka’s fully scalable mobile banking platform incorporates the latest real-time P2P payment features and allows consumers to pay for purchases instantly without the need for additional POS hardware. The associated cross-platform app allows users to access their chosen merchant’s mini-shop without ever leaving the application’s secure environment. Merchants benefit from a vast range of easily implemented marketing options such as tailoring their online store to suit the client’s preferences and purchase history.

Auka’s mobile banking solutions are turnkey systems that dovetail with existing IT systems used by financial services providers. The company’s platform is unique as includes the latest features demanded by savvy customers without requiring a full – a complicated and expensive – overhaul of legacy systems.

Banks using Auka mobile payment solutions report significant growth of their customer base and increased levels of customer satisfaction thanks to gaining a competitive edge.

The judging panel notes that Auka has partnered with Google to design a robust cloud platform. The judges agree that the Norwegian company has developed an exceptionally resilient platform that takes mobile banking to the next level – and beyond. The judging panel congratulates Auka with its win of the 2018 Best Mobile Payment Platform Europe Award.

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