Audi: Most Promising Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Global 2017

Audi is going electric – and doing so in style. The German car manufacturer is a latecomer to the scene but for a reason: it refuses to build and sell a vehicle that is powered more by wishful thinking than robust engineering. Also, Audi declines to compromise on quality, durability, and performance. Recognising that the electric vehicle industry is still in its infancy and struggling with a number of growing pains, the company has preferred to concentrate its efforts on research and development, allowing its gifted engineers ample time to produce a car that meets and exceeds Audi’s high standards.

The extended lead time is set to pay off in 2020 when Audi will release its first lineup of electric-powered vehicles. True to style, the rollout will be evolutionary rather than revolutionary in nature with 48-volt hybrids leading the charge. A series of E-Tron cars, with a fully electric powertrain is set to follow two years later, including a sports car developed jointly with Porsche. The E-Tron GT is to be based on Porsche’s Mission E design – a four-door sports sedan packing a serious punch with over 600 horsepower and a range of over 500km.

With car manufacturers scrambling to claim a share of an expanding market, electric vehicles are being sold that simply lack the technology to impress. Acceleration may be top notch, but range, drive, and convenience are often found lacking. Thus, it is both refreshing and encouraging to find a manufacturer not eager to hop on the bandwagon but willing to help the technology mature first and build an electric car second.

The judging panels finds this slightly contrarian approach commendable for drivers who know that once Audi puts out an electric car, it will be the one to buy. The judges are pleased to offer Audi the 2017 Most Promising Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Global Award.

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