TeleTrade: Best Forex Broker Europe 2017

Forex trading comes in many different online flavours; however, only a select few brokers sustain a brick and mortar network of offices where investors may obtain in-person support and service. TeleTrade boasts a branch network to host workshops and seminars that offer valuable insights to both novice and seasoned investors. The firm maintains over 200 offices in thirty countries.

As an on-the-ground-broker, TeleTrade distinguishes – and distances – itself from the pack, customising its palette of products and services to dovetail with local needs and requirements. Uniquely, its business model depends largely on word-of-mouth advertising, proximity to clients, and the company growth through referrals. TeleTrade aims to unlock access to a global universe of forex trading from its local presence.

Whilst most of the trading is conducted via its online trading platform, fully adjustable to the client’s level of expertise and trading savvy, TeleTrade’s local offices are happy to share tips and techniques during person-to-person meet-ups with investors.

A hallmark of quality, TeleTrade is one of the only forex dealers fully licensed by the Bank of Russia to operate on the country’s retail market. The company compiles and publishes regular market updates in a number of languages to alert investors to upcoming opportunities. In addition to forex trading, the firm’s platform also offers trades in CFDs (contract for difference) on stocks, commodities, and futures, and EFTs (exchange traded funds).

The judging panel is pleased to present TeleTrade with the 2017 Best Forex Broker Europe Award.

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