Pyramidal Technologies: Best Forensic Technologies Global 2016

Jeff Felske and Ardavan Tajbakhsh

Deploying the power of innovation and mathematics, Pyramidal Technologies has revolutionised forensics by taking  opinion out of the equation. The company has produced a breakthrough technology that transformed forensic ballistics from a subjective art into a fact-based science, enhancing criminal evidence provided in courts of law. Pyramidal Technologies has developed an open architecture for forensic ballistics capable of communicating with other systems such as those that process and analyse DNA, fingerprints, facial recognition systems, etc. in order to generate investigative leads and assist law enforcement officials with criminal investigations.

The company’s hardware-light, software-heavy applications offer the flexibility that allows users – law enforcement agencies, justice officials, the military, and other government entities – to fully customise their solution and, hence, their experience. The resulting bespoke systems are also significantly less expensive than competing products.

Pyramidal Technologies’ flagship Advanced Ballistics Analysis System (ALIAS) allows forensic ballistics technicians to analyse expended cartridges and bullets faster and with much more accuracy than before – setting a new industry standard. ALIAS renders true 3D high-resolution “digital clones” of crime scene evidence and offers both correlation and confirmation capabilities that vastly enhance examiners’ ability to reach definite conclusions. ALIAS produces scans of casings or bullets at better than two microns laterally and two hundred nanometres vertically creating detailed images unavailable with any other system.

ALIAS empowers law enforcement officials to create their own secure, scalable, hierarchical relational database that allows them to quickly search for mathematically close matches to the specific case under investigation, extending the capabilities of the investigator. The system also simplifies the work of ballistics analysts by giving them access to an intuitive solution that significantly reduces their workload when investigating violent firearms crimes.

The judging panel commends Pyramidal Technologies for its string of achievements in advancing forensic science and providing new tools that increase both accuracy and user convenience. The judges are pleased to declare Pyramidal Technologies winner of the 2016 Best Forensic Technology Global Award.