Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management: Best Renewable Energy Asset Managers Germany 2017

Small is beautiful. When it comes to renewable energy – and contributing towards the fight against climate change – it pays not to overlook the smaller projects that often carry the biggest impact. In order to meet the goals set out during the COP 21 summit, significant funds need to be mobilised for, and directed towards, renewable energy.

Based in Germany, Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management leverages the Internet-of-Things to offer investors and operators unparalleled insight into the performance of their wind and solar power plants. The company generates, compiles, and disseminates vast amounts of data to produce a transparent picture that can underpin the streamlined and adaptable organisational structures required for optimum efficiency.

Kaiserwetter’s fourth dimensional approach to asset management also serves to mitigate risk which allows investors to broach markets not otherwise considered. Built around big data analytics, Kaiserwetter applies its formula to 28 wind parks and 23 solar power facilities – with a combined 470MW output – in Germany, Poland, France, and Spain. The company is currently expanding into North America and wants to establish a presence in South America and Asia as well.

The CFI.co judging panel is convinced that cloud-based big data is key to the development of the comprehensive management techniques that investors require to underwrite the global push towards a renewable energy future. The judges are happy to recognise the achievements of Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management with the 2017 Best Renewable Energy Asset Managers Germany Award.

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