TSB Banking Group: Best SME Bank United Kingdom 2016

In retail banking, there are only so many ways in which services may be conveniently delivered to account holders. Whilst innovation is rife throughout the industry, the personal touch and its twin – client proximity – are kept centre stage at TSB.

The Trustee Savings Bank was founded in 1810 on the premise that people of modest means should enjoy access to dependable financial services. Today, a great many corporate reorganisations later, around 600 TSB branch offices line the high streets of towns and cities throughout the British Isles. The bank has deftly managed to stay true to its origins.

That said, TSB does offer a different sort of banking: not only does TSB Banking Group maintain a vast branch network; it also allows customers direct access to relationship managers. This is especially helpful to owners of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

With a geographic footprint stretching from Cornwall to the Shetland Island, TSB maintains extended opening hours, recognising the obvious-but-oft-forgotten fact the small business owners are usually pressed for time. The bank also offers a number of facilities to start-up companies. Moreover, each branch supports a local charity.

The CFI.co judging panel is truly happy to see that TSB puts its clients centre stage. While the bank offers all the conveniences of online banking, it has not retreated from the high streets of Britain. The judges are pleased to grant TSB Banking Group the 2016 Best SME Bank United Kingdom Award.