Julius Bär Group: Best Private Bank Switzerland 2015


Swiss Bank Group Julius Bär is poised for growth. A choice purveyor of both private banking and investment advisory services since 1890, Julius Bär Group has evolved into a repository of financial expertise second to none.

Navigating a carefully plotted course, the bank is now expanding its geographic footprint with acquisitions in key markets. In late 2015, Julius Bär Group strengthened its presence in the Eurozone with the purchase of Commerzbank International SA Luxembourg (CISAL).

Julius Bär Group also earmarked around $100m for the expansion of its operations in China mulling the acquisition of one or more financial technology (fintech) companies, or start one from scratch with local partner Bank of China. Though a latecomer to the Chinese market, Julius Bär Group timed its arrival carefully and stands to benefit from the lessons learned by the pioneers.

This year, Julius Bär Group aims to expand its interests in Brazil and Mexico as well, further adding to its already formidable reputation as a fintech powerhouse. Recognising a truth not always convenient, Julius Bär Group has not only embraced financial technology, but now proactively drives fintech innovation in order to ensure the bank can continue to excel in serving its clients’ interests and needs.

Though the Julius Bär Group remains unapologetically faithful to the time-honoured ways of Swiss private banking, it intends to do so leveraging the full range of benefits derived from advances in information technology. By allowing classic private banking to receive an infusion of modernity, Julius Bär Group has managed to keep its well-earned place at the apex of an industry known for its fierce competition.

The CFI.co judging panel finds the Julius Bär Group’s corporate attitude refreshing. The bank does not strive to be the first at anything; rather, it prefers to think – long and hard – before deciding to act. This reticence, however, should not be taken for a reluctance to adapt: Julius Bär Group proves that leadership is defined by choices shaped in the fullness of time. A repeat winner, the bank has yet again claimed the top spot. The CFI.co judges confirm Julius Bär Group as winner of the 2015 Best Private Bank Switzerland Award.