Turyap: Best Property Auctions Europe 2015


Brick and mortar investments rule in Turkey. The nation’s investors prefer real estate to any other form of investment. Historically, Turkish savers have considered the property market as the safest of havens. The country is currently living a veritable real estate boom with home sales up almost 20% on last year’s, to reach over 109,000 units in May while the volume of mortgages underwritten ballooned by close to 35%. The Turkish Composite House Price Index, which measures the rate of change in the value of single-family homes, jumped 16.5% over the past twelve months.

One of the biggest players on the dynamic Turkish real estate market is Turyap, a company founded in 1985 with a view to organising real estate auctions and opening the process to all investors. The business has leveraged powerful franchising techniques to establish a national presence and currently maintains a network of 369 agencies in 45 cities. Turyap employs in excess of 1,500 staff.

The company is active in all segments of the real estate market and has a Special Projects Office to provide bespoke marketing services for larger-scale one-off projects such as shopping malls, hotels, holiday resorts, and historical buildings. Turyap has assembled a team of highly experienced professionals to conduct in-depth market studies and design customised marketing campaigns that ensure optimal results.

Turyap also introduced a cross-sector barter model to the real estate market under the slogan Give Your Old House, and Get a New One. House bartering is not limited to residential property, but also extends to farms, commercial premises, building plots, and vacation homes. Turyap maintains a staff of knowledgeable assessors who produce detailed appraisals of properties entering the barter system using up-to-date pricing information procured from public land and title registries and the Turkish Statistical Institute. Fair pricing is deemed key to any successful barter transaction.

Turyap regularly publishes the Emlak Pazari real estate magazine which is sold at newsstands nationwide with a print run of 13,000 copies. The company’s foray into publishing was a first for Turkish realtors. Each issue of the magazine carries well over 2,000 listings of properties offered for sale.

The CFI.co judges noted that Turyap adheres to an all-in policy: the firm offers sellers and buyers a full suite of real estate services up to and including home insurance policies. By covering all aspects of the real estate business, Turyap ensures that excellence in the delivery of services is maintained throughout its value chain. By steadfastly adhering to this policy, the company has not only earned the trust of the market, but managed to set the gold standard. The CFI.co judging panel wishes to recognise Turyap’s formidable achievements by offering the firm the 2015 Best Property Auctions Europe Award.

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