InverCaixa Gestión: Best Fixed-Income Fund Management Team Spain 2015

With close to €40bn under management, InverCaixa Gestión has now overtaken its nearest rival for the top spot on Spain’s ranking of largest domestic mutual fund managers. A wholly-owned subsidiary of CaixaBank Group, InverCaixa Gestión saw its AuM (assets under management) grow significantly over the last two years.

Investors added €12bn to the growth of total net assets during this period. Though overall market trends helped, performance excellence and savvy decisions on the part of the management team underwrote the outstanding growth of InverCaixa’s AuM.

Last year, InverCaixa Gestión registered a particularly strong growth of its fixed-income funds which ballooned by 89%. InverCaixa’s active fixed-income team boasts a unique insight that helps it identify long-term trends and capture short-term opportunities. The team also has the expertise to directly and efficiently apply these insights and opportunities to the funds under management.

The integration of financial groups has also contributed to the growth of net assets but to a lesser extent. The integration of Barclays Wealth Management with €2,4bn AuM is scheduled for the first half of 2015.

The Spanish mutual fund market is not only exceptionally buoyant; it is highly competitive as well with volumes growing at over 25% annually. Being part of a financial services group that includes the Spanish leader by market share, allows InverCaixa Gestión privileged access to a universe of over 13 million clients. The company is powered by the expertise of close to 140 professionals. Investment strategies and decisions are reached via a top-down mechanism with specialised committees providing continuous data input and monitoring.

The judging panel is particularly impressed by the vast range of investment vehicles InverCaixa Gestión puts at the disposal of its clients. Products are carefully tailored to different levels of risk-tolerance and income expectation. Successfully pursuing transparency in its management of assets while maintaining streamlined operational procedures has allowed InverCaixa Gestión to reach the very top. The judges are unanimous in their decision to present the company with the 2015 Best Fixed-Income Fund Management Team Spain Award.