Golden Assets: Best Financial Advisory Team Portugal 2015


Catering premier advisory services to investors across the entire risk spectrum, Golden Assets remains true to its name since 2000 when the firm was formed to bridge the gap between Portugal’s uniquely complex investment profile and the global investor community with specialist knowledge and a keen eye for opportunity.

Over the last two or so decades, the company has weathered a number of severe storms that rocked and battered the Portuguese economy. However, the adverse market conditions of times past shaped Golden Assets into a local investment powerhouse of global renown. The firm not only survived; it prospered as well and with it, Golden Asset’s clients, allowing Golden Assets to assume a leadership position in the Portuguese market.

Customer-centric in its approach and fiercely independent, Golden Assets remains free from the pressures normally associated with investment firms that are part of a larger financial conglomerate. Absent conflicts of interests, Golden Assets is able to dedicate the full attention of its team of professionals to serve the best interests of individuals, companies, and institutional clients. Leveraging their collective knowledge of the global markets, Golden Assets’ analysts and portfolio managers consistently succeed in delivering results well north of established benchmarks, outperforming the overall market as a matter of course.

The judging panel notes that Golden Assets is an idea-driven firm that values long term relations and promotes a global and integrated financial advising service in which the experts enjoy every chance to step outside the box and engage in innovative thinking in order to produce stellar results. The judges commend Golden Assets on its sustainable approach in financial advisement services and congratulate the firm on its prescience – grounded in superior research and intelligence – of market changes. The firm is unswervingly dedicated to help shape a better future for its clients. The judging panel feels entirely comfortable in extending the 2015 Best Financial Advisory Team Portugal to Golden Assets.