Ak Investment: Best Institutional Broker Turkey

Mert Erdoğmuş, CEO, receiving an award.

A boutique brokerage house packing an impressively big punch, Ak Investment helps institutional investors gain exposure to the buoyant Turkish economy. While the Borsa Istanbul may have retreated a bit of late, the economy’s fundamentals remain exceptionally strong with plenty of upside potential for the country’s corporates.

Ak Investment – part of Akbank, Turkey’s largest banking conglomerate – maintains a notably strong research department that has gained a well-deserved reputation for picking out tomorrow’s winners and shielding clients from market pitfalls. The firm’s analysts produce a wealth of information on both macroeconomic trends and specific equities, allowing investors a bird’s eye view of all relevant events and considerations affecting the country’s corporates.

Ak Investment has also amassed a wealth of experience in preparing IPOs, assisting with mergers and acquisitions, and getting state-owned companies primed for privatisation. The firm’s expertise is regularly called upon by leading Turkish businesses that seek to leverage the power and resilience of the country’s capital market.

Dedicated to offering its clients the best service delivery experience on the market, backed up by the most up-to-date technological platform, Ak Investment recently succeeded in moving its powerful servers inside the stock exchange where they now reside alongside the Borsa’s own IT hardware. The move greatly reduced the latency of the connection, significantly speeding up the execution of orders while ensuring equity transactions are carried out at the best prices money can buy.

Thanks to its investment in technology, Ak Investment is now especially well-positioned to make the most out of the partnership between the Borsa Istanbul and Nasdaq OMX by which the Turkish exchange gained access to the world’s most advanced suite of trading technologies, resources, and advisory services.

The CFI.co judging panel applauds Ak Investment for its keen sense of opportunity and its spot-on corporate vision. Few, if any, of the firm’s competitors have displayed a comparable dedication to the financial well-being of clients. More than just that, Ak Investment has invested in both people and technology to maintain – and indeed expand – its lead in the market. The judges consider Ak Investment an exemplary brokerage that showcases what may be achieved through expertise and devotion to success. The judging panel wishes to congratulate Ak Investment on its win of the 2015 Best Institutional Broker Turkey Award.

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