Sustainability Award and Top 100 Listing (2014) for Bakkafrost: Faroe Islands


The Judging Panel was unanimous in declaring Bakkafrost winner of the 2014 award for Best Sustainability Programme, Denmark. Bakkafrost is the premier producer of salmon in the Faroe Islands, an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark. Established in 1968 and farming salmon since 1979, Bakkafrost realised early in its business cycle that sustainability was crucial to its success and that a healthy environment allows for healthy fish. Bakkafrost has developed techniques that negate the need for antibiotics resulting in significant sustainability gains. The survival rate of fish harvested by Bakkafrost is significantly higher than that of the competition elsewhere in the world and by any measurement the firm is progressing magnificently. This listed company has experienced phenomenal growth and Bakkafrost has also been named in the Top 100 List for the year 2014.