Argentina Investment and Trade Promotion Agency: Best Trade Promotion Agency Latin America 2022

Argentina Investment and Trade Promotion Agency

Argentina Investment and Trade Promotion Agency (AAICI) was established in 1993 with the aim to strengthen the country’s commercial competitiveness on a global stage. The agency focuses on boosting the nation’s share of FDI and facilitating the expansion of local businesses into international markets. It has identified public-private partnerships as the key to unlocking shared successes for the nation, its entrepreneurs and foreign investors. After nearly three decades of accumulated experience, AAICI has established an extensive diplomatic network at home and abroad. The agency seeks to deepen collaboration between the public and private sectors. It pursues opportunities and cultivates connections with professionalism, efficiency and agility. AAICI travels the circuit of international expos to bolster Argentina’s reputation. It encourages potential foreign business partners to make contact with local companies using the “ExportArgentina” portal, which is the largest directory of exportable supply in Argentina. AAICI continues to finetune its “Exporting Challenge” programme to increase access and ease the process for first-time exporters. AAICI organises daily free training courses, both online and in person, for companies and entrepreneurs that are looking to start or expand their export journey. AAICI intends to promote the equal participation of Argentine women in international business with a series of training programmes, trade fairs, business workshops and entrepreneurial advisory scheduled over the next few years. The judging panel announces AAICI as the 2022 award winner for Best Trade Promotion Agency (Latin America).