InvesTT: Best Direct Investment Promotion Team – The Caribbean 2023


This endorsement from Garth Baptiste of Unicomer has pride of place on the InvestTT homepage. (TT stands for Trinidad & Tobago): “I’ve never met a more dedicated, professional, knowledgeable staff in facilitating investment. InvesTT is like a school-crossing guard at rush hour – they hold your hand… they ask you what you haven’t thought about. I don’t think there’s any question I haven’t asked the team.” Trinidad and Tobago, with a very low electricity rate, is located below the hurricane belt, just over three hours by air from Miami, has an English-speaking population of 1.4 million, and a GDP of US$30.5B. Temperatures rarely fall below 21 degrees Centigrade during the European winter. As Baptiste intimates, potential investors will find sunny smiles, professional expertise, and local knowledge leading to smooth startups and beyond. Quarterly investor satisfaction surveys averaged 92 percent positive over the past two years. InvesTT is differentiating itself from others by focusing on key non-energy sectors including manufacturing, logistics, outsourcing, the hospitality industry, and agroprocessing. The national investment promotion agency is tasked by government to attract non-Energy FDI to help diversify the economy. Business costs are low, and this destination has good access to global markets. Government incentives are generous, and Trinidad and Tobago has an open investment climate. Aside from the praise of Garth Baptiste, the judges know of many investor success stories attributable to InvesTT, and confirm the 2023 award Best Direct Investment Promotion Team The Caribbean.