Export-Import Bank of Thailand: Best Product Innovation for Sustainable Development Thailand 2022

EXIM Thailand

The Export-Import Bank of Thailand (EXIM Thailand) rejects antiquated business models that put profits over people and planet. To support the transition to a green, low emissions and climate-resilient global economy, EXIM Thailand has played an important role in financing such green growth initiatives. One of the latest flagship projects – Solar Orchestra – aims to equip the country’s industrial rooftops for solar energy production. Industrial companies benefit from financial support by EXIM Thailand in collaboration with partners including PTT Public Company Limited Group, a major oil player and the biggest energy producer in the country, which cover financing of the equipment, and over the next seven years, collect carbon credits to offset the carbon footprint across its portfolio. Afterwards, the rooftop solar equipment belongs to the factory owner. The programme promotes collaboration between larger and smaller enterprises while also contributing to a greener energy landscape, and, by supporting carbon credit registration for Thai entrepreneurs, driving forward carbon-neutral economy. EXIM Thailand has also launched “EXIM Biz Transformation Loan” to support investment for improvement of efficiency in production process with offering of low interest rate credit line. Further, EXIM Thailand offers business owners financial and non-financial support to align operations and objectives with rapidly evolving ESG expectations. EXIM Thailand’s financial facilities including export credit insurance help Thai businesses reach global markets confidently, while its one stop service centre for SMEs guide them through the export process. One EXIM CSR programme – allowing farmers to “play” in a sandbox ecosystem where agricultural products are transformed, packaged, launched online and successfully exported to global markets – has been praised by both public and privates sectors for improving small farmers’ lives, raising their income and expand the level of sustainable livelihoods in rural areas. The CFl.co jury presents EXIM Thailand with the 2022 Best Product Innovation for Sustainable Development (Thailand) award.