Artico Equity Team – Serafin Asset Management: Best Sustainable Equity Fund Manager Switzerland 2024


Artico Equity Team, operating under Serafin Asset Management, has emerged as a leader in sustainable investment with its innovative approach integrating high fundamental quality, outstanding ESG scores, and Paris-aligned decarbonisation path within a single portfolio. Since 2021, Artico has ensured all its funds are classified as Article 9 under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), emphasising the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Artico’s strategy allows investors to transition from non-sustainable global equities to sustainable investments without sacrificing returns. The firm’s systematic approach ensures higher impact by shifting asset allocations towards sustainability and decarbonisation while maintaining strong financial performance.  Artico formed a strategic alliance with Serafin Asset Management, a family-owned business, in 2023. This partnership enables Artico to join a larger team and benefit from enhanced distribution effectiveness. The collaboration is expected to amplify Artico’s market reach as the funds transition to UCITS status, making them accessible to many more investors. This move should attract new business and strengthen Artico’s position as a notable sustainable equity fund manager. Artico’s unique proposition lies in combining high fundamental quality, exceptional ESG performance, and a Paris-aligned decarbonisation pathway, ensuring robust performance is maintained. With the transition to UCITS and the partnership with Serafin, Artico is poised to expand its influence and drive growth in sustainable investing. The Judging Panel congratulates Artico Equity Team – Serafin Asset Management on winning the 2024 award Best Sustainable Equity Fund Manager (Switzerland).