Sherritt International: Best Mining Corporate Governance North America 2022


Founded in 1927, Toronto-based Sherritt International aims to create shared prosperity for its employees, investors and communities. The Corporation is a global leader in the production and refining of high-purity nickel and cobalt – two metals deemed critical in the transition towards a low-carbon economy. The metals are extracted and processed through a 50/50 joint venture in Cuba, then refined in Canada. It also develops technological solutions to improve environmental performance and increase economic value in mining operations worldwide. Sherritt believes that sound corporate governance is critical to earning and retaining the trust of their shareholders. Their governance practices reflect the vision and priorities for the Company including promoting ethical behaviour and high-performance standards throughout the organization. Sherritt’s Board is composed of six members, 43% of which are women, and all of whom are unrelated and independent directors except for the President and Chief Executive Officer. The Board is structured in adherence with the current TSX and OSC guidelines. The Chairman of the Board is an independent director, with the remaining Board responsibilities being discharged to four committees, each of which are chaired by non-executive members. Sherritt recognizes the importance of having strong accountability mechanisms and governance structures in place and transparently reporting on the effectiveness of their policies and outcomes of activities. The judging panel announces Sherritt International as the 2022 award winner for the Best Mining Corporate Governance (North America).