Lannebo Fonder: Best ESG Equities Investment Solutions Sweden 2023

Lannebo Fonder

With a niche team of 46 professionals, the nimble firm of Lannebo Fonder has grown to become one of the largest independent fund companies in Sweden. It was founded in 2000 to challenge big bank’s chokehold on the country’s fund market. Lannebo Fonder invests in companies and works alongside them to create long-term value and growth. Thanks to a focus on customer-centricity and active asset management, Lannebo Fonder had increased its starting capital 1,000-fold by 2019, with $7.2bn in AUM. The fund company has weathered economic downturns with cool composure and steady performance. Lannebo doesn’t have its own distribution for the funds but relies on investor demand to ensure that they are offered through external channels. The company is owned by its employees and the founders — including Anders Lannebo, who’s known as “Mr Fund” in Sweden. Lannebo Fonder has been a PRI signatory since 2013 and continues to integrate these principles throughout the investment process. The firm’s active governance tendencies naturally fit within this framework. Lannebo collaborates with investees to achieve science-based sustainability targets. It hopes to centre the ESG discussion around the opportunity for value creation rather than checkbox compliance. Lannebo Fonder recently launched an Article 9 Fund focused on the green transition. The judging panel congratulates Lannebo Fonder on its well-deserved win in the 2023 award category for Best ESG Equities Investment Solutions (Sweden).

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