CAIXA Economica Federal: Best Socially Responsible Bank Brazil 2022


CAIXA is one of the largest banks in Latin America, from the number of clients to the size of its distribution network. In Brazil, it’s also proud to deliver some of the highest social impacts, dispensing more than $309bn (R$1.6tn) in continuous and emergency social benefits over the past four years. CAIXA has been serving the needs of the country and its people since 1861. In partnership with Brazil’s Ministry of Citizenship, CAIXA provides financial benefits to promote citizenship, support youth development, increase financial inclusion and lift families out of poverty. CAIXA champions women’s causes to prevent domestic violence and combat sexual harassment. It organises financial education and entrepreneurship programmes and prioritises the leadership and career progression of female employees. The bank has three million female clients and its CAIXA for Her programme provides psychological support for women in dangerous domestic situations as well as the tools to help lower-income women gain financial independence. Social promotions include breast cancer awareness campaigns and mental health programmes. Product innovations include a maternity moratorium for loan payments. As part of its gender empowerment initiatives, CAIXA is training 5,000 employees from the Social Assistance Reference Centres, and more than 40 companies and associations have embarked on this prevention journey with bank. CAIXA’s gender strategies go beyond financial support to implement life-saving measures for women. The judging panel applauds the “good neighbour” business practices of CAIXA Economica Federal, the winner of 2022 Best Socially Responsible Bank (Brazil) award.