Max Myanmar Group: Best ESG Transparency Myanmar 2016

Max Myanmar Group is one of the largest conglomerates in the Southeast Asian country with interests spanning almost the full range of Myanmar’s buoyant economy, including the energy, hospitality, manufacturing, and logistics sectors amongst others. A fixture of the local corporate universe since 1993, the Max Myanmar Group is widely recognised for managing to sustain strong growth under all market conditions.

The business group comprises seven independently operating companies. Synergies are obtained from a shared adherence to the highest ethical and operational standards. Max Myanmar Group was one of the first Myanmar businesses to derive value from its embrace of corporate social responsibility and the adoption of comprehensive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards that align with international best practices. Taking the long-term view on the creation of value for all stakeholders, Max Myanmar group has benefitted, and profited, from its progressive stance on ESG.

The group employs more than seven thousand people and has repeatedly scored high marks on employee satisfaction. The company is dedicated to ensuring the welfare of its workers and maintain a large number of initiatives that enable both personal and professional growth. The group also insists on not undertaking any business venture that fails to benefit the communities in which it operates.

For its turn, the judging panel recognises Max Myanmar Group’s unwavering commitment to help underpin the development of Myanmar. A repeat winner, Max Myanmar Group is granted the 2016 Best ESG Transparency Myanmar Award.