Fuchs Petrolub SE: Best ESG Leadership Germany


Thomas Altmann, Manager Investor Relations; Apu Gosalia, Vice President Sustainability; Thomas Deffner, Manager Sustainability

Fuchs, the world’s leading independent supplier of lubricants, not only excels in striving for sustainability within its products, but also addresses the multifaceted sustainability issues it faces as a responsible global corporation.

Through own production plants, offices, and partnerships on all continents, Fuchs underlines the group’s sustainability concept and spreads the values of its Sustainability Guideline. The company only deals with key suppliers who prescribe to the guideline and Fuchs’ strict code of conduct, or those who have proprietary ESG guidelines in place.

Every year ecological targets are reviewed and – wherever necessary – new targets are set within each of the company’s businesses. Fuchs has successfully reduced its energy usage per ton of lubricant produced since 2010. Also, the company’s vehicle fleets in Europe abide by Fuchs’ stringent country-specific CO2 emission limits which are reviewed and readjusted annually.

Fuchs consistently invests in modern and secure plants, as well as in process optimisation within those facilities with a view to reducing energy and water consumption and limit waste generation. The blending plant in Yanbu – owned by Alhamrani-Fuchs Petroleum Saudi Arabia – was the first in the Middle East and Africa region to be certified “environmentally-friendly” by ISO 14001.

Fuchs’ research and development (R&D) symbolises sustainability and innovation. The focus in the “Advanced Biomass” project is on sustainability, whereby algae-based oils are used as components in environmentally friendly lubricants. Fuchs also successfully brought an efficiency-optimised axle fluid to market in cooperation with a leading premium vehicle manufacturer. The product supports the automotive industry in its efforts to improve fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.

By creating sustainable and innovative solutions, and making them globally available, companies such as Fuchs Petrolub SE are poised for enduring success. The CFI.co judging panel feels that for setting an example on sustainability in the lubricants industry, Fuchs is most deserving of the 2015 Best ESG Leadership Germany Award.