RBC Caribbean Banking: Best Digital Banking Services Caribbean 2024


RBC Caribbean Banking (‘RBC’) has firmly established itself as a leader in the digital banking space within the Caribbean. With a strategic approach that combines technological innovation and a deep understanding of regional nuances, RBC has tailored its services to meet the diverse needs of clients. Recognising the high digital adoption rates across the Caribbean, RBC launched mobile optimized web access as well as its mobile banking app to cater to Android and iOS users, allowing consistent, convenient access across devices, no matter what customers prefer. The bank’s commitment to security is evident through comprehensive measures, including embedded two-factor authentication and biometric login capabilities, which foster trust and ease of use. By addressing the unique challenges of the region, such as varied economic conditions and infrastructure limitations, RBC has provided vital banking services to remote and underserved areas. Additionally, the bank’s focus on reducing friction through education and awareness campaigns has significantly boosted digital adoption rates. The seamless integration of services across multiple devices has resonated well, evidenced by a steady increase in active digital banking users, now reaching approximately 180,000 monthly. Furthermore, RBC has seen substantial growth in digital transactions, with a high percentage of bill payments and wire transfers conducted through its platform, indicating a significant shift in customer behaviour towards digital solutions. RBC’s holistic approach extends beyond digital banking, enhancing overall customer experience through continuous updates to its website and mobile-friendly content. The CFI.co Judging Panel congratulates RBC Caribbean Banking on winning the 2024 award for Best Digital Banking Services (Caribbean).