Kathrein Privatbank: Best Private Bank Austria 2022

Kathrein Privatbank

Kathrein Privatbank has undergone several rebranding and restructuring transitions over its 98-year legacy, but its focus on innovation and exceptional customer service has never waivered. The renowned Austrian bank was founded by Carl Kathrein and has maintained the same headquarters since its inception. Apart from being one Austria’s oldest private banks, it’s also one of the most exclusive. Kathrein Privatbank caters to affluent clientele and takes a partnership approach to help them achieve their dreams. The bank recruits top talent and works with industry experts to ensure clients’ needs are never left unresolved. Customised solutions are the gold standard at Kathrein Privatbank, which specialises in wealth management solutions for high-net-worth individuals, family offices, private foundations, institutional investors and corporate clients. Over the past decade, the bank has pursued increasingly ambitious sustainability targets. Kathrein Privatbank has found that sustainable investments can provide attractive returns while also actively shaping a better future. The bank structures its sustainable funds according to international standards, quality certifications and exclusion criteria. It enjoys crunching the numbers — but is even more interested in the story behind each client’s values and ambitions. Kathrein Privatbank takes a holistic approach to understand clients’ personal goals and then tailors solutions to fit. The CFI.co judging panel has followed the bank’s progress for several years and continues to be impressed with the level of customised care it provides. The judges declare Kathrein Privatbank as the 2022 award winner for Best Private Bank (Austria).