CSOB Private Banking: Best Private Banking Services Czech Republic 2022


CSOB is the leading private bank in the Czech Republic and as member of the KBC Group its presence and expertise extend beyond Europe to the Asian and American markets. It began working with clients with a net worth over CZK 10m in 2002 and in 2015 it opened its Wealth Office for clients with a net worth over CZK 100m. It has 15 specialised Private Banking branches throughout the country. Further, every Private Banking officer has years of experience and services a set number of clients so that every client gets the personal attention they deserve. Personalisation is key. Every client’s portfolio is individually designed with help from CBOS’s unique Global Portfolio Management software. During the pandemic not only did CSOB adjust client’s portfolios to benefit from the rally in equity, but it also adjusted how it interacted with clients: pushing new digital tools to the fore. Now as restrictions are relaxed, CBOS will deploy a hybrid model tailored to the personal preference of each client. CFI.co is impressed by CBOS’s move into private equity and venture capital but is even more impressed to see the development of its ESG commitments including the education of investors as to the importance of sustainable investing. CSOB is developing a full suite of investment products and is poised for even more growth. The CFI.co judging panel is proud to award CSOB Private Banking with the 2022 award for Best Private Banking Services (Czech Republic).

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