Capital Bank of Jordan: Most Innovative Digital Bank & Best Bank Jordan 2022

Capital Bank Jordan

Over the past three decades, Capital Bank Group has evolved into one of the most trusted financial partners in Jordan and the region. The group has strengthened its national network of branches and fuelled regional expansion through a series of successful acquisitions, majority shareholder stakes and subsidiaries. The group acquired two banks in less than one year— Bank Audi in Jordan and Iraq in 2021 and Société Générale de Banque Jordanie in 2022 — and became the majority shareholder of the National Bank of Iraq in 2005. Capital Bank has also launched wholly owned subsidiaries in Iraq, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Early this year, the group introduced a new digital bank, Blink, that meshes seamlessly with the always-on mindset of modern Jordanian society. Blink operates through an intuitive, secure platform and offers a credit card with lower limits (from 200 to 1000 Jordanian dinars) and longer repayment terms (60 days versus the typical month). The digital bank is expected to further financial inclusion, with a focus on helping individuals, home-based business owners, women and university students to achieve financial independence. Capital Bank has taken decisive steps to foster positive growth, sustainable development and resilience. The bank has over $9bn in assets, while the total equity of its shareholders is $845m. It reported a record 100 percent increase in after-tax net profit increase from 2020 to 2021. The judging panel is pleased to announce Capital Bank of Jordan as the 2022 dual-award winner for Most Innovative Digital Bank & Best Bank of Jordan.