Delen Private Bank: Best Digital Private Bank Belgium 2019

Belgium-based Delen Private Bank has a reputation as a trailblazer of digital banking, although its roots stretch back 80 years. Delen capitalises on fintech advances to improve operational efficiency and support existing client services. Technology streamlines operations and enables its investment managers and staff to dedicate more time to personal contact with clients. Delen has handled its IT needs in-house since the 1980s, tailor-making client databases and websites, and introducing a banking app that serves as a pocket-sized private banker and family wealth planner. Continuous improvement of digital services is the Delen way, and ease-of-use is prioritised in its product line-up. Some of the milestones reached this year include fresh features for the current app, including camera-phone document uploads, and the creation of a new app allowing prospective clients to explore the Delen environment. New clients can set up an account with Delen’s digital onboarding process, requiring little more than an ID card and a digital signature. To safeguard clients’ personal data, Delen focuses strongly on security to elevate trust with the clients. The judging panel has recognised Delen in the past for its perfect pairing of technology and tailor-made services, and for 2019 Delen Private Bank takes the award for Best Digital Private Bank (Belgium).