Banco Santander Chile: Best International Bank Governance Chile 2019

In terms of loans and deposits, Banco Santander Chile reigns as one of the country’s market leader. It also sets the bar high in terms of governance, with principles rooted in honesty, diligence, and respect. For Banco Santander Chile, the end never justifies the means; it is committed to transparent and ethical conduct in every facet of its operations, from the market to the environment. The bank’s consistent capital solvency and efficient management have earned a strong show of confidence from international industry-rating agencies. It supports small and medium-sized enterprises and values long-term partnerships. Banco Santander invests considerable resources in professional development programmes, and the executive team encourages staff to work their way up the corporate ladder “in-house” through promotion. The bank is a staunch supporter of workers’ rights, and actively engages with union representation. Banco Santander Chile serves more than three million customers through a network of 380 branches. It recently launched a new branch design model, the Work Café, a refreshing combination of office and café with spacious co-working areas which are open to members of the public – whether clients or not. Banco Santander Chile empowers its staff to create market-relevant innovations and solutions – and to execute the strategies to realise them. The judging panel believes the bank’s methodology merits recognition and presents Banco Santander Chile with the 2019 award for Best International Bank Governance (Chile).

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