Moldova Agroindbank: Best Social Impact Bank Moldova 2017

Moldova Agroindbank, as a joint stock company, began its activity in 1991 – a period marked by radical restructuring of the society in general and of the economy in particular. Changes occurred in the society caused the bank to adopt new and clearly defined strategies that could meet the emerging market requirements. MAIB is now Moldova’s largest commercial bank. It maintains a network of over 180 points of sales that covers the entire nation.

Moldova Agroindbank conducts its business in line with corporate responsibility principles, making sure its impact on the community is managed with high responsibility. To MAIB, corporate social responsibility is a new business approach used to build relations with stakeholders.

Since 1994, MAIB partners with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to initiate and sustain programmes geared towards the capitalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in recognition of their crucial contribution to the economy.

MAIB builds Moldova from the bottom up. The bank enjoys a peerless reputation for underpinning national development drives and channelling funds to sectors and entities that most effectively combat poverty and want. In particular, MAIB has invested in education and public healthcare facilities. The bank also maintains a large corporate social responsibility programme focused on skills development and the creation of opportunities for young people. This way, MAIB hopes to help reduce the number of Moldovans who emigrate. MAIB wishes them to find a better future at home.

MAIB has pioneered a number of corporate best practices – including adherence to strict ESG (environmental, social, and governance) standards. The bank also helps spread awareness in the business community on sustainability principles in order to promote corporate excellence and increase competitiveness.

The judging panel applauds the bank for its proactive approach and recognises its outsized impact on Moldovan development. The judges declare Moldova Agroindbank winner of the 2017 Best Social Impact Bank Moldova Award.

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