Banque Transatlantique: Best Private Bank France 2016

A trusted and longstanding partner to the wealthy, Banque Transatlantique adheres to old world values whilst serving its select clients with present-day panache in the pursuit of perfection. Founded in 1881, the bank has handled the pecuniary affairs of the French foreign service personnel with notable distinction and helped entrepreneurs as they struck out globally in search of opportunity.

Though firmly attached to its heritage, over time Banque Transatlantique changed in tandem with its environment to become a private bank with a worldwide reach offering bespoke and innovative solutions to their clients’ requirements and aspirations. Taking a holistic long-term approach to financial management, Banque Transatlantique has developed a fully scalable suite of products and services that extends well beyond the standard fare of private banking and incorporates the key aspects of its well-known multidisciplinary style of wealth management.

Maintaining a delicate equilibrium between prudence and diversification in the allocation of client funds, Banque Transatlantique ensures a coherent asset management policy prevails regardless of market conditions.

With a branch network that includes the world’s premier financial centres, Banque Transatlantique emphasises its corporate creed that proximity to clients and markets is of paramount importance for the proper management of investment portfolios. The bank also offers segmented services tailored to suit the needs of real estate investors, family offices, art collectors, and others requiring highly specialised assistance.

The judging panel is pleased to recognise Banque Transatlantique as the winner of the 2016 Best Private Bank France Award.

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