Banque Leonardo: Best Boutique Private Bank France 2016

Banque Leonardo is the French subsidiary of the banking group Banca Leonardo, founded in Milan in October 1999.

In April 2006, a group of leading European investors coordinated by Gerardo Braggiotti acquired and recapitalised Banca Leonardo with the purpose of creating the first private and independent investment bank in Italy and becoming the market leader through highly developed consulting services, a differentiated and long-term individual approach, value-added services, professionalism and expertise.

As of today, thanks to several key investments and financial transactions aimed at strengthening its core business, Banca Leonardo operates, directly and through its subsidiaries, in Italy, France and Switzerland.

Banque Leonardo, the French arm of the group, offers, with a one-stop-shop approach, wealth management and asset management services able to analyse and satisfy clients’ investment needs, even the most complex ones. Banque Leonardo’s mission is to protect clients’ assets, preserve their purchasing power, and maintain and improve their life style over time.

Over time the group Banca Leonardo has developed a unique approach to managing family wealth that taps into dynamic global markets whilst honouring the timeless traditions of private banking – discretion, prudence, and agility.

Offering a central vault for all asset classes, Banque Leonardo pursues a single contact point model that offers its clients added convenience and allows for short lines of communications which, in turn, enables the bank to seize the moment – and the opportunity.

The judging panel is pleased to confirm Banque Leonardo’s win of the 2016 Best Boutique Private Bank France Award.

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